The Older I Get, The Older They Get!

And I don't mind one bit!

It is the wisdom, the wonderful stories they tell and the sparkle in their eye.

I remember in High School, never dating high school guys. I just was never attracted to them because they were so awkward and did such stupid things, lol.

Older men intrigue me. I seem to intrigue them as well and we have a great time even just talking.


Now if I could just find one who wanted more than a friendship...


Cheyenna Cheyenna
51-55, F
3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Very true!

I would totally concur and add that age isn't as important as experience and a solid outlook on life, both are more likely to exist in an older partner... keep your mind open though *smiles*.

I'm with you there. I am currently dating someone over 20 years older than me.<br />
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