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all the guys that i have been with that havent been older have treated me like crap im not saying that they are the perfect age group but just for me i have some one to talk to about art or something that will stimulate the mind along with the body though when it comes to that (wink-wink) i NEED sedution and tenderness along with the rough as well as older men tend to know a girls body langue what we want and how we want it and they just know when a girl just needs a shoulder to cry on 

 love you guys <3

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;) I know exactly what you need, want and desire...

you should learn the 10 life laws .If people treat us badly its because we give them permission. You may think you have a lot of friends but in reality we have few real friends but these are the ones who care about you as a person and these friends will always be with you

it comes down to what we've always been told from grade school and up - "girls mature faster than boys." That's not just about physical development but about psychological and emotional development as well. Obviously there are exceptions but as a general rule women are a lot more mature than men about relationships at any given age. In order to maintain some sort of balance, therefore, men go after younger women because they don't feel as threatened by their maturity as they would with a woman their own age while women find more understanding and common ground with an older man than with the males their own age who comparatively seem boys. Add in that men are more immature about the physical element meaning they'll be drawn towards a certain standard of unrealistic beauty that they demand despite their own looks not warranting it while women being more mature are less worried about the exterior than the person and therefore don't mind trading on their youth in order to get someone who'll treat them with caring and respect and as a person. Thus the young/old attraction makes perfect sense.

The reason older men are attracted to younger women is because a younger woman appreciates the attention and the things an older man can bring to a relationship.<br />
An older man can shower a woman with many gifts and has a more mature and measured approach to a relationship.<br />
A younger woman has less baggage and is less judgemental.<br />
She expects less and therefore gets more.<br />
A woman near the age of an older man is more likely to allow the "bit@h side come out often....<br />
A younger woman allows an older man to feel younger and act younger and as most women know.... men are really just big boys............ smiles

Young men usually don't have the experience or the ethical grounding to give young women what they need in a relationship. That can come with age, though, which is what you're experiencing now.

not seeing any one at the moment -_-