Love Older Men!

I dated a 36 y/o man when I was 23.  We dated a little over a year, and I could not have been happier.  All men can still be like little boys when the situation calls for it, no matter what their age.  So, I might as well be with one who is mature and responsible when he's not being silly! 

I cannot even tell you all the things that make older men hot, most have been covered previously--the experience, maturity, variety of life lessons, more interests, and, of course, they know how to please a woman.  They are chivalrous, gentle, and kind...and they often know how to handle themself, making you feel very protected in their presence. 

I love men in general, and have always been attracted to older men.  I never thought I'd consider someone 13 years older, however.  In fact, after a few dates, when our ages came out, I laughed and told him that there was no way it would work out, and he smiled and said that was fine, we could just be friends.  That lasted about a week before I fell madly in love with him and had to admit that I should bend the rules for this one!

Now that I've "gone older", I can't ever see myself settling for a guy closer to my age...although, he could be out there--mature for his age, and confident to boot.  I just have better luck with older men, who are past the "who am I" stage.  You get much better odds at long-term compatibility--provided I am right about who I am and what I need!

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Lovely story. my first husband was 39 and I was 20. It was awesome lots of great sex daily, but sad truth of his he is still a child in his mind! What a deceiver! Okay we where clashing and he was getting to insecure for some strange reason. W/E! Now I am with a man who is only 6 yrs older and me and I love him so much and we have our family together.

motherhood is the god given/gifted right to a woman and denial is runaway from is just natural.

Well, Banakuba, she deserves to experience all that motherhood has to offer her. If you truly will not give that to her, please make it easy on her to leave and find someone now, while she is young and fertile, who WILL share that with her. It is something that is so beautiful for a woman to experience. Don't deprive her, no matter how beautiful your romance is, there are other wonderful women out there to love. I'd say you're being selfish--not by not having a child, but by keeping her attached despite her desire. If she decides to stay with you, knowing she'll never be a Mom, wonderful! More power to you guys. But if you sense she wants BOTH, please, don't make her choose.

i am 55 and my sweet little princess is 27. we are together since 6 years. it is so wonderful that i cant believe it myself.<br />
the only problem i have, she wants to have a baby and i dont!!<br />
as much as i understand her wish to be a mother, i can not share her idea.<br />
am i too egoistic now or am i right ??

I hit 40 last year, and I find that younger women have been more and more..umm attentive?<br />
Interesting, to say the least.

I loved your story. I am 36 and I have to say that most women your age are not so aware of the benefits of being with an older man. <br />
<br />
I see so many girls that have to suffer so much at the hands of younger self absorbed, inexperienced boys. I must admit I like the company of women closer to my age most of the time. It seems we can relate to each other better.

Having a someone good in life makes things better. <br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing.

Dammm.. am 50.. anyone here to cuddle psssssssssstttt?