I Wasn't A Ladies Man In High School...

...this is probably because almost all of the girls who were my age were obnoxious and annoying. I suppose I could've had my chance with a couple of them, but their attitudes and actions were so irritating to me I couldn't stand to be around them. There was no way for me to have a conversation with a typical girl my age. We wouldn't like the same music, tv shows, or anything. And now, at the age or 18, I have found myself, typically, without a woman. The ideal woman for me would be in her late 20s of early 30s (or even older) who is easy to talk to, and is very calm and mature. If I could find a woman like that, I would be a happy man.
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3 Responses Nov 15, 2010

i completely agree with your story and i sympathize. and i agree with ironman3 completely :P

I can identify with that. I did not care much for my female classmates. But Oh did I ever have some hot fantasies about some of my teachers. Especially the young married ones!! :)