Love For Cougars

I'm reminded of an older woman I loved before.  She was 10 years older than me and she was absolutely gorgeous.  She wore nothing but heels all the time.  To see her in a pair of tennis shoes was quite rare.  If it came to that, she often would go for the flip flops.  She maintained her toes, which is very important to me.  She had a beautiful body, just right for my taste.  We would often sit on her back porch while she sipped her wine and I drank on my beer, conversing on various topics of the world.  I loved that.  The intellectual conversations were my favorite.  It wasn't centered around the young bull that I was used to hearing.  Just thoughtful conversations.  I found it intriguing that she drunk wine they way she did.  No she wasn't an alcoholic or anything.  I just found it to be refreshing when she opened her bottle of wine.  I guess this would go along the lines of sophistication and the regal attitude of hers that I enjoyed.  She would do things that I have been taught before about a woman.  Things my father would tell me about.  Like for instance, we had a disagreement in the bar once.  She didn't like the answered she received from me.  Now in this case, a young girl would have went on and on about it.  Her voice volume could have increased or her body actions would have become more dramatic.  No, not my sexy cougar.  She would stare at me with a look that told me how she felt.  She wouldn't say anything.  The silence said it all.  Then upon leaving she turned to me and say "You want to do this here or wait till we get in the car?" while crossing her arms and cocking her hips to the side.  I was in love.  We would go places together and just be in our world.  Nobody could penetrate it.  And they often wondered why.  Bring a younger woman out with me would have different results.  Her eyes would wander about the room.  She would be more worried about what others are thinking.  Even if the cougar lady felt that way, she was a professional in hiding these things.  I could take her places, like company parties, and watch her serenade the room.  She knew how to play her role.  How to be sociable and respectable.   

I love an older woman just the way they carry themselves.  I might be young by age but I'm a very old soul.  I find, that an older woman nurtures to the part of me that sometimes lays dormant on a normal day.  My walk is a little crispier.  My conversation become more diversed.  I am constantly making sure I don't sound like a bumbling idiot when talking to her.  I can talk about serious matters and she can engage me on that mental level.
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Very lovely, I hope you and her had many years of happiness. She sounds like a real keeper.

Lovely :)

Wow, good story and nice writing.

nice just like u

Thank you Bella. Whenever I see your avi on a question page, I read your answers...I enjoy how you answer those questions with your authentic approach. Especially the gravity question.

haha nice story. I'm fascinated by your writing!