Cougar Lova

She was a pretty woman.  When I say pretty, I mean pretty.  Absolutely no hardship on the eyes.  Very slender.  She wore glasses that gave her the infamous "sinful teacher" look.  She loved heels.  I loved her in them.  She would wear all sorts of exotic heels that juggled the line between erotic sexiness and lethal sophistication.  She would tip toe in her heels with painted color toe nails, that she did herself, with nice form fitting jeans that hugged her nice round booty.  We would meet at the coffee shop and I would find her with a cigarette in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.  Her legs would be crossed in ultimate sophistication.  Many times than once I would get different looks from observers who wonder the nature or relationship of us two. When we would kiss, some you would figure it to be some affair.  Obviously the woman has to be married without any attention, they might have thought.  All because our kisses were so passionate.  Her attention couldn't be rattled by any one else.  She would actually give a little jump whenever a person at the bar or some random person at the coffee shop would say something in our direction.  It was much different with her than most.  We discussed many social topics, explored politics, the behavior of people and just everyday life.  Her jealousy was an attraction as well.  Many women my age or younger would try to sway my attention once they discovered the relationship of us two.  She would give the girls the death stare and even me one to when she felt I was committing to the flirtation.  I would often chuckle while outstretching my arms to hold her and she would always reject my hug on my first attempt.  

Older women just have a certain "air" about them thats attractive.  There sophistication, no holds barred, submissive approach can be tantalizing as well as completely engaging.  They know what they want without any doubt.  Thats why I love about older women.
7thPrime 7thPrime
31-35, M
Feb 14, 2011