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I Had The Best Sex Ever With An Older Married Woman

I left the army and started working for a security company at a large industry HQ in the Midlands. I got friendly with a woman 16 years older than me that worked on site. She was stunningly good looking with long brown hair and beautiful seductive green eyes, and although she was a few pounds overweight, she had a body so curvy and breasts so pert for someone of her age they defied Newton's theory of gravitation! She always wore figure hugging skirts that rode above the knees and left you under no illusions that she only wore g-string panties! She (I'll just call her LC for now!) smouldered sex all the while and I know she liked me from word go. We would talk every day and very quickly our conversations turned more sexual in their nature, LC would tell me that her husband was working away during the week and that her only friend was her *****, but because her teenage daughter was in the house at the same time she had to keep the noise down! Of course I had to offer my services to her (as any gentleman would!), but only in a semi-joking manner! To my suprise and delight LC replied in a matter of fact way, "I want you to **** me so bad, my fanny is wet all the time just thinking about you." Well, what is a married man supposed to say say apart from, "Ok, I'm on a night shift tomorrow, come round at 9pm and I'll **** you in the medical room."

To cut a long story short; LC came on site at 9pm the following evening, looking so damn ******* hot in a white buttoned shirt and tight jeans. My **** was harder than ever and I needed to get in to LC's pants asap. I took her in to the medical room and locked the door, as I turned round I found LC on her knees (still dressed) she grabbed hold of my belt and started to undo my trousers and as my **** sprang out she just took it in to her mouth without the aid of her hands! LC just devoured my **** like she was sucking on a Calyspo lollipop (to this day I have never had a better **** sucking!) and she had a great trick in running her teeth up and down the shaft and nibbling the head every so often. I knew I could not hold back much longer so I pulled my **** out of her mouth and led her to the waiting room sofa. I took of my remaining clothes and watched as LC did the same, and when she took her bra off I nearly came on the spot; her **** were stunning and her nipples were standing out like the preverbial coat pegs. I got on top of LC and without ceremony shoved my **** in to her ****, LC gasped and wrapped her legs around my waist, holding me like a vice. I ****** her for a few minutes until I felt the unmistaking twinge of ***********, so I withdrew from her ***** and went down on her instead, LC seemed to like my tongue on her ***** and kept moaning and bucking her hips toward my face covering me with both mine and her juices. I decided to give LC a taste of my fingers and slowly inserted a couple in to her **** which she seemed to enjoy, so I thought what the hell and slipped a couple more in to her for a bit of fun, LC started to moan louder but said it was starting to hurt her too much! I removed two of my fingers and could see they were covered in **** juice and I had a devilish plan as to what to do next. I pushed LC's legs back to her chest thus exposing her **** and ***, I then inserted two fingers in to her **** but let a third enter in to her little rose-bud, she gasped and shuddered at this developement and I wondered if she might object to this anal intrusion? Even so, I pushed all three digits further in to her holes and started to **** her harder and harder with my fingers, "Oh you dirty bastard!" LC gasped, "You know what I like!" **** me, I thought, she likes it up her ***! Bonus time! I climbed back on the sofa and with her legs still pinned back and her *** on full display I went for the kill, I pushed the tip of my **** against the slightly opened starfish and pushed a little at a time, it was so ******* tight even with a bit of fanny lubrication already worked in to her hole "No, it's too tight!" LC pleaded with me, "I know" was my reply, but I did not care what she had to say, I was going to **** her arse no matter what! Slowly but surely I eased my **** in to her rectum and started to pick up speed, not long after I was slapping my balls on her cheeks and ******* her *** like my life depended on it. LC was ripping my back apart by digging her nails in to me and I wondered how I could keep these from my wife, but I soon refocussed on the *** ******* I was giving my older married ****. I was just about to unload my ***** in to LC's colon when she pushed me back, and as I was ejected out of her rectum I heard a great big "plop" and was greeted with the sight of a gaping anus, but quick as a flash I was on my back with LC taking my still ****-stained **** in to her mouth and sucking me like a *****! It only took a few moments until I shot my load inside her mouth (I know it was a bit rude not to warn her first) but LC duly took it all down her throat like a good **** and to this day I can still remember the gulping sound she made whilst drinking my ***!

She licked my **** clean then moved up the sofa and kissed me, and as repulsive as it may sound I took her tongue in to my mouth and I could still smell the mixture of ***, **** and *** juice as we kissed. "That was great" LC said to me "Same time tomorrow then?" ******* to right I thought and proceeded to get dressed. As she got in to her car she turned to me and smiled, "You are a dirty ****** aren’t you, you just about raped my bottom in there didn't you?" but before I could reply LC smiled and said, "I liked being used, surprise me again next time please?"

This really is a true story, it really did happen about 15 years ago, and if you’re looking at this LC, you know who you are, and I'd love to **** you again anytime!
Hips72 Hips72 36-40, M 20 Responses Jun 16, 2011

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Outstanding story. Sounds like LC got a log overdue royal screwing and you did her royally !

Very nice story.

Very hot story, I too have a few ladies I hooked up with many years ago and would love another round or two with them. You ever wonder if it would be as good as it was back then though, I'd hate to ruin the memory of great sex. :-)

I really envy and jealous,I'm 40, I ever think of having sex with mature lady like you. ..but too bad, this never come across my life. You really impressive.I even dream of having this type of experience, but disappointed. ...ever had a chance for that feeling. You are very awesome😊😊😊

A very hot story, very hot. Please add.


There's nothing like a nice tight anus that grips your **** like your own fist. Part of the anal thing is that my wife, like many women, have a masochist side and like the intitial pain when it goes in hard. They'll say stop, but really want to feel it in them right up to your balls.

Shame her husband didn't get to hear all the details. He might have enjoyed it :)

Wow, that was a hot story.How many years did you **** her ?

About 6 months. It was a short affair but very worthwhile!

Cheers ! you gotta love a curvy big titted horny lady who likes a good *** **** !

very sexy story. Sounds like an amazing woman. You're lucky

other guys wives are best ***** of all, cause they dont get what they need from thier husbands so they spread for real horney men who need same.

Damn! What an amazing experience! I was a good, faithful husband for the 30 years I was with my wife, but now that we are divorced, I wonder "why?" Nice story, thanks for sharing!

Where were cell phone cams 15 years ago? What a shame!

What a great story. An older lady and all holes conquered, sounds perfect.

very HOT -- well written - LIKE

WOW, what a great experience. Forward and a dirty talker too .... very hot!

wowwww that was a hot ******* story :) i almost wished i had ****** her too :) lc if your read his :) read mine to darling i want to eat you out & **** your *** as well

Great story. Surprise sex can be so hot.

Loved the story and would love to hear more about your adventures with her! Would also love to read some stories about the cute young thing in your pics, if you get the chance.