Women Get Better As They Age

i have always had the hots for odler mature women. from my teachers to aunts to friend's mom.. i think mature women have all the experience that young men look for. they r sensual n i love their motherly nature..

any mature women here, looking for young men
thenaughtybar10der thenaughtybar10der 26-30, M 11 Responses Dec 5, 2011

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You have exquisite taste. Obviously. --DW

I am glad u like my taste

I am your taste, hon.

i wud like to taste it again then

Aren't you cheeky? Clever, too. I like that.

i like u already

You seem like you could keep up with me.

well u have to try ,me so that i can prove u right

Hmmmm, sounds good.

Feels even better

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I have a thing for younger men but do not mother them.

Here here

oooo older women huh? nyc nyc

yeah,,, always had a weak spot for them..

here is one for u

looking forward to have some fun with u...

Interesting story, I'm sure there are many women here seeking younger men. You will have women hand over fist

not been so lucky, but yes did find a handfull of good friends

I feel the same way.

Ok... Goood

Bobogone I wish u two meet someday, n make love, not just on d sand but everywhere... M sure he too wants to b wid u...

i think i have found one, but he lives so far away, i have even told him many times i would love to come to his country to visit but lack of money for the trip is a problem, i am much older, but he likes that, i feel so drawn to him in many was, i have sexual fantasy's of him all the time, sometime to the point i have to touch my self and imagine it is him,perhaps one day we will meet and he will make passionate love to me in the hot sand of the land he comes from

Thanks I will show you mine if you show me yours.

u mean nudes??

Is thirty old enough or is that still considered to girly.

sally i like ur maturity no matter what age u r...

hey im also 30