Dicovering My Cougar Part 2

The words "And i love ***" have got my **** oozeing pre ***, and i can do nothing but stand and stare as she starts to suck my **** in the train toilet, she started right away bobbing her mouth forward and back on my hard **** head, her tongue stuckout flat between my **** and her bottom lip, with one hand jacking my **** and the other tickling my balls, i am already moaning and in heaven. After a few minuets of working my shaft she slowly slips her hands on to my bare *** cheeks digs her nails in and pushes my whole **** down her throat in one, she then holds it there for a few seconds while she prefoms a few small licks on my balls with her sticking out tongue, this is quickly sending me over the edge, so i half wisper half shout "Im *******!!" At which point she slides my **** from the throat grabs it with her hand and starts jacking me in to her open mouth, The sight of this and the fact i was ******* so hard had instanly made my knees week so i had to grap the sink to stop me from falling to the ground. Most of my warm thick *** did stay in her mouth but she was right there was so much because i hadnt been wanking it started to run down her chin and on to her ****. After i finally stopped ******* she stared in to my eyes and swallowed my huge load, followed by licking her lips and saying "Yummy i hope there is lots more where that came from". She then procided to lick and suck my **** clean till it deflated while with a spare finger collecting the *** that had dribbled from her mouth, " so yummy i dont want to waste a drop" she said as she licked her finger clean.

After this we quickly sorted ourselves out and left to go take our seats, upon opening the door there was a young, girl probably 20 or so, standing there who just smiled at us and giggled as she pointed at my cougars ****, it seemed she had missed some of the *** which had dripped from her mouth, but it was swiftly dealt with it the same was as before as she said a small "Thank you" to the girl. We quickly found our seats again and just as i was saying how amazing she was and that and how much i couldnt wait to **** her our train pulled in to our station.

To find out what happened on our long weekend away you will have to wait for the story "My best bank holiday"
Fernandez92 Fernandez92
18-21, M
May 14, 2012