Young And Old Lesbians

This is the only sex life for me. I love older women, more specifically i love my gf. I am 20 and shes 52. She makes me so excited, and i think the excitement is even greater because we truely love each other. Its more common then people think....younger women with older women, and i know alot of girls my age who think older women are hot. So why arent they older women into it ? haa...
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I'm 17 and in love with a 56 year old we've been together for a year and a half!!!

is this really that common?


so, in other words, you have friends of your who have done it as well?

i heard that some older women 'break in' first timers like this, is that what happened for you?

lol ! Obviously you need to get to know people better, because if you did you would realize that many younger people are attracted to older people rather it be an older man or woman, because they are themselves...more mature than most people their age.

i know people fairly well and banged older women many times. i asked that based on what people have told me. three older women told me they do that. that is why i asked. there has been some research done on the matter to the effect that women over 35-40 are often into younger women. would you say you saw that based on your experience?

do friends of yours do this too?

I have to say that ive not had a lot of older women tell me they were into younger women, nor have i had a lot hit on me in real life. If they do have these feelings they must stay quiet about them. Id love to hear the opinion from an older woman whos into it. I have a few friends who agree that its hot, but are not serious about making it happen. For me its just what im attracted to, and not always just for the sexual part of it. Excuse me if i sounded rude, i suppose i took it the wrong way

Did the older women happen to explain why they like younger girls?

i am going on what i've heard, been told, read, etc. i don;t know how much it goes on. some girls say it is common. maybe for those doing it it may seem that way. i think it is to some extent.

have you been with women your own age?

yes. well, sort of.

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thats nice add me.