Great Sex With Mum

I have sex with my mother after 15 years being a widower. What makes ****** so good is that knowing how care and loving mother had toward their sibling . Second knowing that I came out from her vagina ( giving a birth ) where she was crying in pain huffing and puffing.  Now I pleasure my mum's beautiful vagina with my large penis where she is crying and moaning of pleasure ( no longer in pain, but she was in pain when my large penis entered her vagina that has been closed for 15 years ) and *******.  In our first whole month of having a beautiful sexual relationship with my mum, she did not allowed me to come inside her, but the second month mom allowed me to *** inside her.  What I liked most of it was where to the point she got pregnant and had an abortion.  But she is wiling to get her self pregnant again and it also give her more sexual pleasure. I've have sexual intercourse with my mother regularly for some five (5) years and we both enjoyed it very much.  What happened in our house is not any ones concern and second at least I now make her happy and enjoy life again.

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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I first had sex with my Mom at 13, still do at 48!

That's real crazy!!!

thats pretty crazy