Three Older Ladies

So I was watching television today, and these 3 women caught my eye. First I was watching politics on Fox News and they were talking about possible candidates for the 2016 presidential race from both sides.. from the GOP side they mentioned Susana Martinez who is 53, Governor of New Mexico, and from the Dems of course they mentioned Hillary Clinton (I know sometimes she looks like a train wreck) who is 65. Then I was watching a advertisement for a new movie with Seth Rogan, and the third lady, Barbara Streisand who is 70! I just kept thinking to myself ' wow, each of these women have their own special sex appeal, and I wonder what it would be like to have them suck me off **** each of them, suck their ****, eat their ******* and *** inside all of them... Mmmmmm greatness.

Now I left Sarah Palin out of the discussion because i didn't see her on TV today, and i was only thinking about those 3 ladies at the time. :)
azz2boxcombo azz2boxcombo
31-35, M
Dec 3, 2012