My Neighbor The Cougar

I had just moved into my first apartment as a 23 year old college grad with a job. I was getting out of a cab in front of the building when I met her. Her name was Beth and she was 43 years old. She was athletic and toned and stood at five foot five inches tall. She had blue eyes, long chocolate brown hair and was very flirty. I opened the door for her and we walked to the elevator. She was wearing a pink terry cloth jogging suit and pink mule heels. She clicked and clacked through the hallway and she had stopped for her mail. I headed for the elevator and her heard her yell hold the door. I held the door and as she was hurrying towards the elevator her right shoe flew off her foot and landed in the elevator next to me. She joined me in the elevator and as I bent down to pick up her shoe we bumped heads as she was bending down as well. I apologized as I picked up her shoe. She smiled and blushed being a little
shy. I introduced myself as Joe and she was Beth. I offered my hand and then I kissed her hand. She was very polite and stood their minus a shoe and I asked her what floor she was going to. She told me 17. I smiled and was still holding her shoe. We had small talk riding on the elevator and then it clicked with her I lived across the hall from her. When we arrived at our floor we exited the elevator together. Beth asked me if I had seen the entire building yet to which I said no. I went to give her back her shoe to which she said keep it. She went on to say what I meant was if you would please bring it to me tonight when you join me for dinner. She winked and said it my way of welcoming you to the building and for locating my shoe. She said I will see you later sweetie at 7 pm. She then went into her place. I went into my place and set her shoe on the coffe table. She was a perfect size 7. I got cleaned up put on some casual clothes and cologne and headed across the hall with a bottle of wine and Beth's shoe. I rang the bell and Beth came to the door wearing a yellow floral dress with pink flowers on it. She was wearing the one pink mule shoe and her apron. She greated me and led me over to the coffe table. I handed her the wine and her shoe. She gave me a peck on the cheek and thanked me for coming. She sat down on the couch and put on her shoe. She got up and fetched two wine glasses and then toasted to new neighbors. After a few glasses of wine Beth led me into the dinding room were the table was sat. She served a little lobster and crab along with clam chowder soup. I pulled her chair out for her and we sat down. Halfway through dinner Beth slipped off her left shoe and played footsie. She ran her foot up and down my leg and rested it on my lap. It stayed there through diner. Our conversation was great and we had a lot in common. We both like practical jokes and shared a lot of the same interests. We moved over to the couch and I thanked her for dinner and gave her a peck on the cheek. She pulled me in for a very passionate kiss. Her tongue and my tongue met. We made out for quite awhile and I massaged her feet. She told me that if she sees a man she goes after him. I did not the age differnece bother me being she was experienced and made me feel good. Who knew my neighbor would seduce me and eventually become my girlfriend. More to come.
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Awesome.. I'm in search of these kinda tale to tell as well ;)

me too :)

when I will get such a nice neighbor. :)

wow lucky you

Great story thanks for sharing look forward to hearing more