Unanticipated Attraction

In the course of trying to tell this story I may employ visual descriptions that on their surface appear uncomplimentary, but trust that I risk doing this solely to illustrate the story for EP readers only, and that I'd never intend them as direct criticism of the characters therein.

Through some random website posting I drew the attention of someone who emailed me and struck up a friendship. Ours was a classic anonymous pen-pal relationship where we simply wrote and responded to letters without exchanging any pics, no phone calls and no mention of any mutual attraction. She lived over 2,000 miles away, so meeting in person seemed highly unlikely.

She would probably say we had a close friendship given the subject matter of some of our letters, but from my end it mostly felt like a client/therapist arrangement...just because she often sought advice or reassurance or just wanted to vent. We tended to volley email quickly for a short time, then take some time off and then rekindle the exchange in that cycle.

Then quite unexpectedly some legal estate business brought her near where I live. She asked that we finally meet in person just to put a face to all those email and I agreed to meet for lunch. I have a bad and somewhat deserved reputation for being a bit of a hound in pursuing any female friendship that I think could evolve into more, but on this day there were no such thoughts in my head.

She was about 16 years older than me according to the age she originally gave me in our emails. Throughout her life she had experienced periods of weight gain and weight loss, and at this moment she was quite pleased with herself at having lost many pounds, but she was still a handful over her ideal (doctor's terms) weight. She was a different ethnicity than me, had a very different style than what I'm used to and just came across with an appearance quite different from what is typical for the circle I run around in.

We had a pleasant lunch together and she seemed very excited about meeting, but I had to get back to work.

She contacted me later and asked to meet again, this time offering a gift she wished to give me but scheduling our meeting in the evening. I obliged.

That night she was noticeably flustered as her words and thoughts tended to be clumsy, but we did well following up on topics from our earlier conversations.

In what must have been a tremendous amount of personal courage she finally came right out and bluntly propositioned me to have an intimate experience with her. She would probably tell you I was the one who looked clumsy as I struggled to hide my lack of enthusiasm while sorting out how I was going to handle this. As I already knew from our emails, she reminded me in person that she had not been intimate with anyone but her husband since her teenage years, and for the last twenty or so he ignored her at their best and was violent with her at his worst. She was willing to do anything to be touched by another man who she trusted and felt comfortable with.

I'm smart enough to know that the only thing holding me back from making this situation mutually enjoyable were my own false preconceptions and prejudices about beauty and attraction, but when you are in the heat of the moment it takes a few minutes to detach from your immediate reactions and put everything in perspective.

It was the gentle sincerity of her voice that snapped me out of it and ultimately seduced me to the point that I made it a personal challenge to either do this right, or don't do it at all. With no reluctance I embraced her, then I kissed her, whispered to her, touched her and held her as if she was my lover.

We progressed slowly into a state of undress and mutual arousal, but at the point our naked bodies made contact she reacted as if my touch was electric. She was having difficulty catching her breath and would jump each time my caress found an as yet undiscovered curve on her body.

When I coupled with her even my semi-streetwise body was taken aback by how incredibly warm and wet she was. I stroked her slowly and seductively while running my hands all over her body. Faster and easier than anything I was used to her body approached ******. Her loud exclamations made me pause to ensure everything was still good, but she assured me it most certainly was. I began to stroke with more vigor and her body responded by transitioning into a serially orgasmic plateau leaving her shaking, screaming and clawing her nails into my sides with no apparent end until I finally had to relent from sheer exhaustion. When I thought I could, I resumed my stroking, and I did my honest best, but eventually I exploded in her and literally collapsed lifeless.

She gave me at least fifteen minutes of peace, then took me into her mouth for an unrelenting nursing. As soon as I was hard again she mounted me and with little inhibition rode me until her ******* started again. She drained me and this time allowed me a Coke and some fresh air outdoors before cornering me on the couch in search of another hard on.

I performed, or in retrospect was given the opportunity to enjoy her body, one more time then just had to beg to be released for the night. I could not stand to leave her feeling like I was done with her, so our goodbye was a rather open-ended one.

She later flew back just to see me again. We pretty much repeated our first night together, and had a matinee encore the next day.

And there was one more reunion several months after that.

Since then it has been over a year without hearing from her. Now I find myself missing the very person I originally thought I was least likely to be attracted to. Experiencing her was truly something unique and will never be forgotten. Some women keep their real beauty inside, but its there.
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