She had been walking around the house half naked for the past couple of days. At first I tried not to pay attention but her body language made that impossible. One day I just couldn’t hold myself any longer. I came up to her from behind while she was washing the dishes. You could discern all her curves through that black see thru negligee she was wearing.
I pressed my ***** against her firm round bum and slipped my hands through its thin layer of fabric all the way up to her breasts. Despite her age they were so full and perky. A hot wave hit my groin so I pressed harder against her and grabbed her boobs from down under lifting them slightly so I could feel their weight.
It took her by surprise, she dropped the dishes and tried to break free but I was holding her tight. We just stumbled around the kitchen tripping on the drawers and spilling everything out. Holding her like that I led her against the wall so she could not get away. She wasn’t trying to but I still wanted to hold her closer to me.
I leaned my head and kissed her neck, my hands where now moving all over her body. I moved my lips lower and slowly switched sides softly biting her skin. She slightly tilted her head to the side and we kissed for the first time. Finally “I can taste her lips” I thought. She pressed her tongue against mine and we explored each other for a while.
A second wave hit me and I could no longer resist her, I broke free from her lips and pulled down whatever there was that I was wearing. My **** sprung and without any delay I just slid in between her beautiful round buttocks.
She was already wet and I could feel it. I started thrusting and she slightly spread her legs holding me by my lower waist with one hand and herself against the wall with the other. Raised my hands I was now holding her by her torso. We were both sweaty by now; breathing heavily I just ****** her hard like there was no tomorrow. She started moving along sinking her fingernails into my flesh, pulling me closer to her. I could feel my balls slapping her wet ***** lips rhythmically.
She dragged me deeper inside her ***** as I could feel her contracting and squeezing along the shaft of my ****. As my desire for her increased I kept thrusting deeper, trying to pump her full of my seed. Thunderstruck from just the thought of it I released a heavy moan, my hands squeezed her hard and as I pushed deeper within her with all that was left in me. I started shooting my ***. First wave of my ****** was strong and intense causing her to cry out with pleasure oh so heavy.
As I continued to ****** within her I could fill her walls pulsing as she too began to ****** I felt her warm and wet walls clenching against my **** once again. Her body trembled as she screamed hard. I felt a splash when her ***** released out her juices all over my **** and my thighs. I then leaned towards her hugging around her soft belly and kissed her neck gently. Letting myself breath on her back she stood up, turned herself to me and took my **** in her hand, as we kissed.
She was mine at last and she knew it…
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O MY GOODNESS!. Your story was amazing! This Texas girl wants you!!!!

apistefti kavla tha itan! pia itan???