Older Women...............?

I'm not sure if the phrase "older woman" is quite appropriate in this instance. A current friend is older than myself. I'm in my early 50's and she is 64. But she really turns me on............. Not that she has THE "best" figure or anything; in fact Lorraine has what might be considered a rather common figure for a woman of her years. She's not fat nor is she skinny (thank goodness because I am almost repelled by skin and bones women), her breasts aren't huge.............. But she is extremely sexual because, well, she's over a foot shorter than myself, she's a GREAT kisser, an enthusiastic lover, and she enjoys what I enjoy................. It seems that Lorraine has every quality I look for in a lover.......... she has her own home where she lives alone............ and it's not too far at all from me.............. When we kiss, it's just magical and so natural................ I will have to continue this later..............Well it's later, several days actually. And our friendship is just as strong as ever. It's very nice to actually be friends with Lorraine. She's just such a very nice woman..............and she likes to kiss............We've seen each other a few more times over coffee. It's so nice to meet her in the Dunkin Doughnuts where we share so much. I stopped there on Friday to see her because we'd made plans to meet there. I got there and she was already sitting there with her coffee; I'm not sure if I did the right thing but I went in and put my arms around her and kissed her a bit passionately then said that I was going to get some coffee; this is the part that I'm not sure about, Lorraine offered me money to purchase my coffee. I just said thanks but no. I said no because I'm sure she does not have a lot of extra money because she is also retired. I easily afforded my coffee, and I have not spoken to her about my fianancial situation. She just knows that I am retired; what she does not know is that I have considerable income from my retirement, from my job, and from investments made when I was younger. There is no reason to tell her about that stuff because we are friends. Anyhow we were sitting there talking and holding hands across the table. I got up and motioned her to follow me to a more private area. She did and we just started hugging and the most passionate kissing. I felt so excited...........Lorraine was just as warm and her breathing had quickened. She looked at me with the most dreamy eyes. As we were kissing, I placed my hand upon her breast. Lorraine is a 64 year old woman and I suddenly worried that I had gone just a bit too far because she sort of gasped; then she took my hand and pressed it a bit more. This sort of startled me because I hadn't at all planned on even going this far so soon. I will say though that her breast, small and "fleshy" as it is felt so wonderful in my hand. Her nipple became quite erect. I don't quite know for certain but I do believe that Lorraine was becoming even more excited; Her breasts seem smallish and "fleshy" but I did detect a hardened nipple. We kissed a bit more then went to our table and sat across from each other. Maybe I'm just getting too old and settled but it was very exciting to have done that. There was only one real difficulty that I experienced; right away I became very erect. I didn't say or do anything more because it just wouldn't have been appropriate yet. I am still sort of "in shock" at my reaction to having briefly felt her breast; I have always been a man who strongly preferred huge boobs. Well there was a lover about 20 years ago. Her name was Rhonda and she was almost flat-chested. Rhonda and I were together for over 7 years before we broke up; she is of French ancestry and VERY sexual. (I hope you people don't mind if I digress now and then) The memories of Rhonda are still very fresh in my mind. She is about a good foot shorter than I and (at the time) just could not get enough sex. Sorry to have gotten off the subject of this memory. It wasn't till later that I thought about the intensity of my excitement at feeling Lorraines breast. She has told me that she has not been intimate with a man since her Husband became ill and passed away seven years ago. This is the good thing about our friendship, we can discuss things, even intimate things without any shyness or embarrassment. We have become close because we've begun to trust each other enough to discuss intimate matters.
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It sounds like a geographical and physiological match made in haven. I hope it continues for a long long time.