The Older Women In My Life

I've been with older women most of my life. My wife is older errrr wiser than I am. I particularly remember this one lady that I had a long and great relationship with. She propositioned me on the couch one night and we ended up being together for many years. She taught me so much about taking care of her needs. She wasn't real pretty, a bigger girl, biggest **** I ever had. Not that I'm a big *** guy; I like them all.

I was already enjoying eating girls when I met her but she really showed me how. I ate her pretty much all the time. Yeast infections were a problem. She never returned the favor but she always made sure I came. My first anal experience was with her. I had eaten her so sloppy that I wasn't getting off ******* her *****. She was on top, pulled me out and stuck it in the other hole. I came right away.

My only regrets with this woman are not taking care of her more than I did. She had a very hi sex drive, often several times a week. The other regret is maybe I should have stayed with her. Great sex, a nice person, everything except she was old enough to be my mother. Oh well. She's doing well as best as I can see on Facebook.
Cyasquirm Cyasquirm
46-50, M
2 Responses Feb 13, 2013

Some people aren't meant to be with us for a long time. They are there when we need them to share and learn from each other. They help prepare us for the next phase, whatever that will be. At least you can keep up with her on facebook.