An Older Woman

In 1997, I was living in London and met another American Lady who I thought was younger than she was. (She thought I was older than I was) I was 38 years old and came to find out that Thea was 68 years old. Thea was in great shape, small breasts about 5 feet 2 inches and 118 pounds. 

After we out to dinner and on the second date I made love to her at my flat. She was a decorator and came to London every other month to buy items. I was falling in love with her and then she  found she had a problem with my age. She enjoyed me intellectually, as friends and in the bedroom, and she was trying to cope with the fact that I was younger. She visited and later would stay with me at my flat rather than get a hotel.

We talked and she was unsure whether we would be able to see each other again. I felt mixed feelings myself and after trying to communicate to her that it could work with us together, she left for the US again.

I found another woman and ended up telling Thea that I was going to see someone else since she was unsure of how we were going to work out together. I have regretted not being able to make it work with her.

46-50, M
2 Responses Jun 6, 2007

and found that it hasn't worked out with my current wife either, though as you say tendereyes, age is just a number

I guess we all have regrets re women that we might have had great life with didn't work out at the time over frivolous things, But I guess it is too late for regrets now.