When i turned 21 i landed a job in San Francisco delivering medical goods to clinics around the city. After a few months i started developing a repoire with a lot of the receptionists and doctors who worked there. There was this one older lady that i particularly had a fondness for. I say older but she was only 32 but to the 21 year old me she was a "woman". I would make excuses to spend more time with her like asking her to unlock the door to certain rooms knowing darn well i had the key in my pocket. We would make small talk and i guess we were flirting but i always viewed her as someone unattainable because i was used to dating girls. So i didn't take too much stock in it and i continued do date younger girls. Then one day after almost a year of back and forth flirting i slyly asked if she wanted to get some food with me. Totally expecting ,"i have a boyfriend", "your just a kid", or just a "No".  My heart was pounding as i was sitting in her office waiting for her reply. It seemed like an eternity in those uncomfortable office chairs. Ya know the one on the opposite side of the desk, the one that is supposed to make you feel inferior. Well she said "sure". And me trying to play it smooth i was like "cool". We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet later that night. I picked her up and went to dinner. I was expecting a million things to go wrong but i was surprised by how receptive she was at dinner. I could tell she was actually listening to what i had to say and she was just looking so darn sexy across from me i just didn't want to mess up. It was time for me to drop her off and i was just expecting a good night hug or maybe kiss and that would be it. She said "do you wanna come up?" and i'm thinking hell-to-the-yeah i wanna come up but i played it cool and said "sure". Well when we got there she made me a drink and  sat real close to me. She didn't take her eyes off me at all. Like a lion about to pounce on it's prey. Here i am like a deer in the headlights staring at this gorgeous, intelligent, successfull woman who wants to jump my  bones. If you can't tell, i was a little intimidated, but dammit i wasn't scared. Well she eventually pounced and we had sex like grown folks have sex. I've had my share of girlfriends before that but this was different. It was more fun. She new exactly what she wanted and she had a pretty good idea of what i wanted.

After that night we continued to see each other almost every day for about a year. Never letting anyone at our respective companies knowing what was going on. We almost never argued and she taught me a lot about how a relationship is supposed to be. I saw how older women are past all that game playing crap. But not all of them. No No No. Just because a  young crazy person gets old dosen't mean that they aren't just as crazy as before. ex: my ex-wife.

I have to thank her for teaching me several life lessons. Since that time with her, i no longer look so much at age but at someones maturity. Some younger women have it and some older women don't. But don't act too mature though. I've found out that older women need fun too!

thatguy78 thatguy78
26-30, M
Jul 16, 2007