10 Black Olives For Finger Tips

hahaha i freakin l black love black olives....i don't like any other kind...

i still put them on my fingers and turn to my boyfriend and go "rawrrrrrrrrrr...."

i know..it's sad...but he thinks it's cute.

i like to eat the olives right off my fingers....it's a small happiness i have in life.

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13 Responses Feb 13, 2008

I hope you get a few boxes too redwings2!!

I'm down to my last bottle of the olives I cured last winter. Black olive picking season is coming soon, but it's a very small window and this year was one of the worst crops ever. Still, I hope to get a couple boxes of manzanillas and sevillanas.

thanks timeforT. black olives just make me happy. lol enjoy your can 'o' olives!!

OMG!! I do that too I put them on my fingers (clean of course) and then enjoy...ahhh I think I'm gonna open that can of black olives right now!!! Great story by the way!

totally rock on! lol that's an awesome tradition....i should start that for me. it's the one thing i know i can buy and i don't have to share with the bf....hehehe

haha damn skippy i will.

no olives aren't like eating sour eyeballs....eating sour eyeballs are like eating sour eyeballs...<br />
<br />
olives are scrumptious.(sp?)

No. No, no...they are not.

Olives are like eating sour eyeballs

hahaha. awesome.

I love them too! I like any kind though...I still slip my fingers occasionaly to see what it feels like to stick them in holes since I gave up bowling...<br />
Greek olives are the best!!!!!

this behavior is quite fun blue.<br />
<br />
at least mello has a good sense of humor!!<br />
<br />
oh mello...my bf runs away...he hates olives...<br />
<br />
yet he just finds me cute.. odd ain't it?

Maybe you can find help for this behavior some day...