....and Olive Oil

Have you ever tried  toasted bread, rubbed with a bit of garlic and olive oil? It is  heavenly. Beats butter anytime.

I also use olives in a lot of my recipes. I like mediterranean cooking and you find olives and olive oil in virtually all of them. Yummy !!

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6 Responses Mar 6, 2008

Mmmmm sounds yummy!

Sounds heavenly :-) Maybe a Dos Equis or two to wash it down?

I like sticking black olives on my fingers and waving at everybody.

You are making me hungry. Is it lunch time yet? I am going to have to find some good olive oil for my toast now :-)

It sounds yummy. What would be a good type for eating plain?

Do you find major differences in olive oil? Like is a certain kind better for toast and another better for cooking? Cold pressed, extra virgin...all these terms. Do they make a difference?