Not A Good Night

I'll keep this one short.

Met a guy in a club, nice looking and had some nice chat. We went back to my place we made an attempt at having sex and it was Baaaaaaad. He didn't know enough, bad kisser, couldn't lick *****, couldn't even get a ******* condom on properly and was a lousy ****. Even the second time around he still couldn't last and HE thought it was amazing.

Taxi for bad **** guy.

Better luck next time :(

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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

That really sucks! I'm sorry to hear that! Was he a young guy, or an older guy? Where do you live? I am in St. Louis.....

Too bad! You seem like a wonderful woman. And I am sure I would get hard just listening to you talk! Where in the UK do you live? My sister has a place in London. Don't remember the area right now....