Dream Of A Little Boy

Dana Bigload paced restlessly around his father's master bedroom, glancing at the clock every two seconds. The ten-year-old, blonde haired sissyboy wore nothing but white leggings. His young **** was semi-erect and wet at the tip. His young balls, full of ***, swung freely between his milky white, clean-shaven thighs. Dana's father Maksim had left to drop Dana's mother off at the airport for a three week business trip. As soon as Daddy came back, it would be the beginning of a three-week ****-filled paradise with his pretty little son. Dana couldn't wait to feel his hunky daddy's big **** pushing its way up his cute, round little bum.

Impatient, Dana decided to indulge another of his favorite fantasies. Returning to his room, he threw on a light pink tank top. Balling up a couple towels from the bathroom, he pushed them under the top, making his belly bulge like a pregnant woman's. He ran his hand over his "baby bump," imagining that his Daddy had gotten him pregnant after shooting his potent **** up his son's little sissy butt. Dana's **** grew as he thought of the sissyboy growing inside his womb and all the kinky things the three of them could do.

Alas, it was only a fantasy. But an arousing fantasy! Dana put back the towels and took off his tank top, waiting for his father to return.

Dana's heart and **** both jumped when they heard his Daddy's key turn the lock of the front door. His handsome, lustful Daddy burst into the bedroom. His father had not bothered to undress, only undoing his fly and letting his massive boy-pleasing **** stand free. Without a word, Daddy swept Dana into his arms and gave him a long French kiss. As usual, it was Daddy that broke off the kiss. Dana always surrendered to his father, letting him take control when they ******.

Maksim turned his son around and made him bend over his marriage bed. Maksim pulled a tube of lubricant from his pocket and began smearing it around his sissyboy son's *******. He pushed a lubed-up finger just inside the hole, causing his son to moan in anticipation. He pulled his finger out with a slight pop.

"Daddy, please," begged Dana. "I can't wait any more."

Neither could Maksim.

Maksim seized his son's *** cheeks and spread them, exposing the puckered brown gate to Paradise between them. He lined up his **** with his son's ******* and pushed. By some miracle, the father's thick phallus fit into his son's tight anus.

"DADDY!!!" Dana cried out as he had his first ****** of the night. Five massive spurts of white boyish cream stained his mother's favorite bedspread and dripped down to the carpet. Maksim always took pride in his ability to make Dana *** without touching his ****.

"Oh, baby," Maksim groaned. "Feel that huge **** stretching your ***? It's all for you, baby. Only you can make Daddy that big." His father's words made Dana's **** hard again instantly. Maksim knew his son loved being reminded of how sexy he was.

Dana felt the giant incestuous ***** sliding in and out of his ***. His father would pull out then thrust back into with a force that jolted Dana's very soul. Again and again his father's thrusts shocked his body.

"Daddy, are you going to *** inside me?" Dana asked, already knowing the answer."

"Yes, baby, Daddy's got so much *** in his big balls for you. I'm gonna spill every last drop into your cute ****** ***!" And Maksim sped up his thrusts, much to his son's delight.

Dana scrunched up his face as his father pounded his little prostate, knowing what was coming. "Daddy, get me pregnant. I want you to make a baby in my *** with your hot, white, manly ***!"

Pregnant? Make his son's *** PREGNANT?! It was so impossible, so silly, and so ******* HOT! In that moment, Maksim was obsessed with the fantasy as his son is.

"Are you ready, *****?" Maksim growled at his son. "I'm gonna **** a baby into your little sissy ***!"

"Do it Daddy!" Dana cried out. "I wanna be pregnant! I wanna have your baby so bad! GET ME PREGNANT!!!" And Dana spent another load of *** onto his mother's bed sheets.

"AUGGH!" Maksim let out a mighty roar as he poured what felt like a gallon of fertile *** into his son's receptive *******. An amazing ten spurts of white baby-batter filled Dana's rectum like a water balloon. Most men would be worn out after an ****** like that.

But "most men" didn't have a sexy, ten-year-old sissyboy to get them hard again.

For nearly another hour, Dana took load after load of his daddy's *** into his ***, where he wished an egg was waiting for the millions of ***** sent into his rectum. But even the Bigload boys had their limits and they spooned together in their *****-soaked bed, utterly exhausted.


Dana stood naked except for his favorite pair of panties in front of the master bedroom's full-length mirror. He admired the beautiful, bulging belly where his unborn son was forming into the beautiful sissyboy he was destined to become. His little **** dangled beneath his baby bump. He had thought it impossible, but it was a dream come true! He was pregnant with his father's baby!

Maksim, naked and sporting a semi-erect ****, stood behind his son and put his arms around him. He leaned down and kissed Dana on the lips, running his hand over the place where his unborn son/grandson was growing.

Maksim broke off the kiss with a gasp. "I can feel him kicking!"

Dana could feel the baby squirming around inside him. "He's moving. He's really moving!"

Then the movements became faster and harder.

"Oh my God, he's REALLY moving!" said Dana.

Dana's **** grew, sticking out from under his baby bump, as the unborn child inside him began to squirm against his prostate. Both father and son placed their hands on Dana's belly, feeling the movements that were giving the young male mother so much pleasure.

"Oh baby," Dana said to his unborn son. "You make Mommy feel so good. Oh, oh, oh! Almost there...AH!" Several spurts of white *** shot against Dana's reflection in the mirror.

The *** stains dripped down the glass. For a second, Dana thought they said "mommy."


Dana held little Mickey in his arms. The young sissyboy mother sat naked on his bed, holding the baby to his chest. Dana's son let out a small whine, which meant "Mommy, I'm hungry!"

Sissyboy mothers didn't make milk in their breasts. They made it in their scrotums.

Dana lay down on the bed, positioning his son's head at his crotch. Mickey instinctively wrapped his little lips around its mother's tiny **** and began to suck.

The pleasure Dana got from feeding his baby was intense, but he was careful not to let his moans of pleasure grow too loud for fear of scaring Mickey. "Mmm, oh! Wow, baby, you make Mommy feel so good. Almost there...yes! Yesssss..." He let out a spurt of ***, followed by a longer flow of milk. The muscles that squirted the milk were the same as the ones that squirted ***, causing the feeling of an ****** that lasted for several minutes. It was incredible.

Eventually, the milk dried up and both mother and son had to sleep.


Dana woke up in the darkness of his parents' master bedroom. Groggily, he wondered how he had gotten here before remembering that his father had ****** him senseless right after dropping off his mother at the airport.

'My baby!' A jolt of panic ran through him as his hand shot to his naked, seed-covered belly. It was flat. The sissyboy let out a couple of sobs, suppressed to avoid waking his father. Dana felt as if he'd lost his baby, who had never existed at all.

Dana noticed that he had climaxed several times as he slept. The ***** covering his body was wet, slippery, and fresh, not the dried *** of the previous night. He wiped it with his hand and licked his fingers.

Dana looked up at his father's sleeping face, remembering that they had a full three weeks alone together. Consoled, he settled back into his father's embrace, feeling his father's softened **** resting comfortably along the crack of his ***. Dana had all he needed right here.


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Smoking HOT. Thanks.!

send me a message if you like online roleplying honey

send me a message if you like online roleplaying honey

a very horny story, thank you