" Carmen " And " Butterfly " Are My Favorites

Long, long ago I didn't like classical vocal music at all. But I hate to turn off the radio station just because a piece I don't like is on so I leave it play. I think Butterfly got me first as there is some very familiar music in if and not a lot of unpleasant-to-untrained-ears as some operas have. When the U.S. National Anthem shows up (although i don't think it was the National Anthem when Puccini wrote Butterfly) your ears perk up. And Carmen has some really good music too. And bot of them have understandable and believable stories.

So now, I don't miss a Saturday opera even if i don't know anything about it. Who knows, it might grab me.
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1 Response Nov 1, 2010

Funny thing - I was just about to write the exact same words about the same operas.