French Aria Lovin' In the Minority.

The majority of people tend to associate opera with either the big dramatic Italian bel-canto singers, or the works of Wagner. Especially non-singers. I find a lot of fans and singers alike, tend to dismiss or even dislike the more obscure French works. I adore those the most. My favorites are probably Lakme and Manon.
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The French repertoire truly feels the most lyric of all; so gracious to sing!

i couldnt agree more!!! there are lots of wonderful Italian operas, but they dont make my top 10 favorites.. Les Contes d'Hoffman has been one of my all time favorites ever since i was a kid, along with several of the lighter operettas composed by Offenbach. The Marriage of Figaro is another one i could listen to over and over... There are a slew of French operas that dont get enough air time... I dont own a recording by Wagner.. never saw the attraction....

I love French opera! I'm currently watching Manon, but I love Les Contes d'Hoffmann, Carmen, La Fille du Regiment, etc. But, I admit I follow particular singers, too, and will watch an opera I didn't want to simply to hear them.

OMG... someone else who likes Les Contes d'Hoffmann (much less even heard of it!!). not to sound like a groupie, but i have always had a thing for Kiri Te Kawana (only autograph that i ever asked for... guess that makes me a groupie after all!!!)... this is way late after your original note but hopefully you will remember the context....

i don't know that te kanawa ever sang hoffman, but i wish she'd tried ... which woman would she be? ;)

interesting question! i have a really old recording (i would have to look up who all was in it, and the three leading ladies were sung by different sopranos... Nicolai Gedda sang the role of Hoffman, Victoria de los Angeles and Elizabeth Schwarzkopf were two of the three leading ladies, i think that the other was D' Angelo? that was the pattern back a ways, now the roles are all sung by the same lady... I would think that if she could choose one, she would choose Giulietta as she is the strongest character, Olympia being fake, and Antonia being sort of a victim... plus she would sing the barcarolle, which has to be one of my absolute favorite pieces of operatic music... probably not up there in the annals of great opera, but takes me to a different place every time i hear it... i think you are right, Te Kawana did not do Hoffman (i had never thought about it so tried to look it up... could not find anything...) curious as why not?

Are you sure? My gut reaction is that of course she did. She would have been a beautiful Olympia.

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Just wanted to say, I agree. I absolutely love French music, and opera included. I