Gorgeous In a Way I Could Never Acheive

Opera has always stunned and awed me to the point my jaw drops to the floor and my arms start shaking. I'm serious, I don't know why they start shaking, I'm just so deeply in awe of it. To hear someone's voice hit those sorts of notes, express those emotions that can't be spread through any other medium, to see music in such a way that it touches your sould to the point of distraction, and when you leave the hall you can still feel those notes reverbrating through your soul....gorgeous.

Has anyone ever held a string instrument while someone is singing opera? Try it sometime. I was in the audience at a variety show of sorts, with my viola, and someone went on stage and sang opera and I could feel each note harmonically echoing in my viola, it was a crazy feeling!

I especially started liking opera after listening to a couple of Tchaikovsky works--gave me shivers! And when I heard the band teacher at our school at a variety show sing Una Furtiva Lagrima. It was the most beautiful thing I have heard in my life. I almost started crying. I still smile thinking about it. If you haven't heard this aria, please look it up on youtube. I mean, it won't be my band teacher singing it (and he has the most delicious tenor voice :D) but there are a couple of great videos on there of it.

*Sigh* Overwhelmingly beautiful

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juan diego florez was incited to encore "una furtiva lagrima" during the metropolitan opera's radio broadcast this season. i got tickets especially to hear him and diana damrau in "l'elisir d'amore" -- excellent singers will make beautiful arias into otherworldly experiences. <br />
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it's interesting, that effect you felt/heard with your viola, that was described in "contes d'hoffmann" in the "antonia" scene, when hoffmann's girlfriend is described as an instrument, like a violin -- which makes her soul strange and otherworldly. thanks for bringing up that connection!

Yeah, she's a bit of a **** isn't she, but she has an amazing voice, so I guess that makes up for it! Argh, you're so lucky you got to see it!

I saw Carmen last night. Freakin awesome...<br />
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apparently Carmen is a Biotch! haha

Ha, good luck!

Will do. I got my suit all dry cleaned and my dinner reservations before the show. Hopefully I'll get me a hot date!

Carmen!!! I'm jealous! I've heard bits of pieces of it and its fabulous. Tell me what you think!

Never done the string instrument thing... hmmmm<br />
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I have tickets to see Carmen next week. Ive never seen it before I cant wait!