About How I Found Opera

 I learned about classical music and opera at age 9. A friend of my father lent him the movie "Amadeus". I was fascinated, I couldn't believe that such music existed. Then this friend gave him the soundtrack and that's how I discovered Mozart and Opera. I played the vinyl (it was the 80's) like a hundred times. I was into this music but didn't care that much about opera. Some years later I started to understand operatic music, all the feeling and the different layers it has. So, I finally bought my first complete opera in cd "Carmen". I didn't speak french but I could hum all the first act. After Carmen I listened to Verdi and I got "La Traviata" and "Aida". I took italian lessons just to understand opera and it worked.

   Since then I have bought several operas and even gone to see some of them. I think human voice is a perfect instrument if it's well educated. Opera can be really sad but also very funny. My favorite opera is "Le Nozze di Figaro" and it's a comedy. Recently I discovered Wagner and it changed completely my conception of this art. It's very dramatic and perfect.

   Everybody should give it a try. Don't get discourage if you don't like the first opera you hear, maybe there is one for you just waiting around the corner.


A question: Do you think it's weird to see a 9 year old listening to classical music?

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My first opera was Turandot by Giocomo Puccini. I was 13, and it was being rammed down my throat. My mother pulled out a copy of a version she had videotaped from PBS. It was a staged production with Placido Domingo, Eva Marton and Leona Mitchell, directed by Franco Zefferelli. And I fell in love with this story, the beautiful princess with no heart, the riddles, the dragon puppets being moved across the stage. I eat and drink opera now.

I don't think its weird for a nine year-old to like it, its just a matter of most nine year-olds (or people of any age-- say a ninety year old instead) don't get exposed to it. But I think its very easy to become involved with opera once you've been shown it, if you see a good version. Just like reading a book or watching a film it can have great characters and situations that will draw you in. It is I think more accessible than other types of music perhaps because it also has a play element to it. If you like storytelling and drama you can potentially like an opera.

Message me if you want someone to about different performances you've listened to and watch, because there aren't that many of us out there :)

Listening to classical music t any age is quite normal. It all depends on the musical tastes of the parents. If there is a vacuum of classical music or opera it is hard to expose a youngster to such music and to get them turned on to it.<br />
Opera is a unique art, yet it is not a pure art. It is a bit of drama, musicality, chorus, solo, comedy, acting, and many more other things combined beautifully when it works well.