Opera For Life.

My dream and goal in life is to sing opera. I have already begun my journey by winning young artist competitions, but I have such a long road ahead of me. It all began with simple voice lessons after joining the musical at my high school a few years back. I fell in love the moment I found out what opera was. I can't get enough. The language, the romance, the tragedy, art, poetry, lies, evil, good, and heartbreaking stories are my driving passion. All I want to do is go and see operas live, visit opera houses, and one day sing there. Opera is my life. It is so much that during a class I kept correcting my professor, eventually he had me teach the section on opera for the class I was taking. (I didn't mean for that to happen, but it was important to me he was teaching the correct material.) I still have much to learn, but I am more than happy to sit down and learn it!
Desertcellist Desertcellist
22-25, F
May 25, 2013