My First Opera

I attended my first opera with my father 6 years ago. It was Giacomo Puccini's Turandot. My father passed away in a tragic car accident last year, but not before we got to see many more operas together.

My husband and I are going to see Turandot tonight, and I can't wait! I know it will be hard since this was the first opera I saw with my father (and it's my favorite), but I am grateful to him for introducing me to such a beautiful and timeless art. 


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4 Responses Oct 16, 2007

turandot (too-ran-doh) was puccini's final work, and was unfinished (or rather, completed but still undergoing his own editing process) when he died. the first opera that made him famous was "manon lescau" (not "manon" which is by jules massenet). there are a lot of differences between the operas, but you will probably like all of puccini's work, especially "tosca," "la boheme," and "madame butterfly." though i've enjoyed opera for years, it took me nearly a lifetime to come back to puccini -- and it was because i recognized his melodies in westerns and musicals! he wrote "la fanciulla del west" -- a wild (american) west opera about a girl with a heart of gold. ;)

I love opera, but know next to nothing about it. I do know that Puccini is my favorite composer. I do not even know how to pronounce Turandot correctly. Could you help me? It the final "t" pronounced, or is it silent? I am going to watch Faust tonight; the final scene with Faust, Mephisto, and Marguarite (sp.?) is breath-taking! When three performers sing together, is it called a trio, just as it is in any genre? Thanks!

Hope you have a wonderful time. I'm sure the memories of your father will come flooding your memory, I am hoping happiness is the result of these memories. : )

I shall have to check out both of your suggestions. I'm still a novice and haven't experienced too much of Puccini's work. Odds are, I will be pleased since I love Turandot so much.<br />
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