At First

Initally I didn't care for my areolas, I heard guys talking about girls with "giant pepperoni nipples" when I was in high school and I immediately started criticizing them. It wasn't until out of high school, when a boyfriend declared his love for him, that I saw the beauty in what they had to offer. Now I can proudly say I have them, and they're here to stay!
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Large aureoles have always turned me on.

I've always loved large areolas especially milky ones :)

High school boys are dum (mostly) glad your proud of your body now.

breast are hot and all about it.... nipples,areolas,i love the pink pale color the best but i will take any others too in my mouth and suckle them until they start milking ;)

ooooooh baby. I luv pepperonies and yours taste sweet. Id love to see them if its ok? Thanks! Joe.

And .... you are indeed lovely :)

It is a nice realization. HS boys can be very cruel to a girl, but really, they get the just rewards in the end. I'd have been proud and reverent just that you might have shared them with me :)<br />
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Warmest<br />
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I have always thought large Areolas were very sexy. Its a beautiful part of a woman.

to have large areolas is something beautiful i think

They are gorgeous! And I'm glad you like them...that's important!

You are so right and thank you for stating it. Yours are dynamic and as heavycannon said.... Yummmmmmm.

YMM, its fantastic that you were able to find that beauty in yourself and transcend smaller minds. you have absolutely perfect nipples, amazingly feminine and sexy

Funny, I'd really love a "pepperoni" pizza right about now... ;-)