I Have Huge Areolas And Love To Touch Them While Being Watched

I have always had very large sensitive puffy areolas .. The measure 3 inches in diameter and my nipple when pulled can stand out to over 1 inch long ...
I absolutely love to lay in bed and tie my breasts together tight, so my nipples really puff out and become Sooo sensitive to the touch ! I rub them with my hands , objects and just started using a double electric breast pump !! Wow it feels amazing and makes my nipples huge and swollen !! I would like to lactate soon .. I am writing this for all you nipple / Areola lovers that want to watch me play .. I have a xhampter profile and go on all the time and play on my cam .. If you have a breast fetish write me and I'll give you my screen name for xhampter ... Free show of course just cause it feels so good to have people watch and tell me how to touch my breasts..
* breast lovers only - I don't show anything else !
* l do like older men with this fetish to tell me how to touch them.
* love to watch another woman also !!
Look forward to hearing from anyone interested.
Talon11 Talon11
36-40, F
5 Responses Nov 26, 2012

sounds great hun!! :)

add me please i want to see

Would you allow me to see you on Xhampster?

As you can guess from my profile name I have a preference for delicious boobs and I'd LOVE to observe you playing with your wonderful breasts. I also LOVE large areolas and nips and I'd LOVE to see you pull and suck your nips till they get so HUGE and thick and swollen !

I think that is wonderful :) Please write me :)

Thank you.. Do you ever go on xhampter ?

I mean xhampster?

Yes I do :)