2.5in Across Just The Right Size

I'm not sure if 2.5in across is considered big but my areolas are also slightly puffy. they are well centered on my breasts and I have nubby nipples. When I go braless or even wear a thin bra, you can see the outline of my areolas. For a short period of time I thought it wasn't attractive but I get compliments from men and women on my breasts. I think they are well poportioned.
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12 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I'd love to have the chance to compliment you, too.

Luv big aerolas! Just so inviting! :-)

Wish I Could see them...

Oh my !!!!
Please add..... definitely please add.....
Thank you

Your areolas sound beautiful and perfect!

Without seeing them... they sound perfect to me!
Always leave the bra off and be free! Does it matter if people notice your areolas or not? We ALL have nipples! lol

I am sure you have wonderful breasts and your puffy nipples are wonderful too. I'd LOVE to lick and suck them for hours, hopefully making you ****** over and over.

I love big areola - sure that yours are beautiful!

um, yum.

they sound perfect..;)

I think you have perfect sized areolas, but I wonder if they don't tighten and shrink a bit when your nipples pucker and get stiff...?

Yes I would say 2.5" across would be considered big (not huge) and combined with puffy, they do sound delicious