Small **** Big Areolas

When I was young I used to be so embarrased of my breasts. They were small with these protruding areolas that didnt look like they belonged. When I was a teenager I used to beg my mother for plastic surgery. I never knew that many men actually liked them. After I got divorced 3 years ago I started exchanging pix of myself and thats when I got the feedback that some men would love to suck on them and play with them just the way they were. Although I do wish they were bigger than a b cup I know that in a way thats what keeps my areolas looking abnormally larger so I wouldn't change a thing :) I have just a few pix of anyone wants to see :)
sexcgemini2 sexcgemini2 36-40, F 43 Responses Dec 23, 2012

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I think they are nice

I would love to see them

All female breasts are beautiful regardless of cup size. Would love to see your areolas. Would you add me please ?

Big or small when it's titts I like em all

I would love to see them:)

Big or small breast are always nice... areola are always welcome

I love large areolas, it doesn't matter to me what size breasts you have. Add me to your list of friends please.

Bigger the better as far as I'm concerned. I love them. I would love to meet a girl with them who would let me put them in my mouth

They're lovely, just right for you....and for me

absolutly sensational

acceptance of one self is a wonderful thing, but you are beautiful anyway and should have no fears

I would love to see. please add me

I would love to see!!

Wow, now that is quite a turn on to have small sensitive breasts with large areolas ...yes I love the different textures when rubbing with my tongue...circling around those sweet sensitive nipples. mmm would love to see..would love to experience.:) Thanks for sharing

I love beautiful breasts and would like to see, add?

I love big areolas, would love to see, please add me.
Calib xx

love to see add me pls

I'd have really loved to have seen you as a teen with your tiny breasts and huge areolas.... So sexy

...not saying that they aren't sexy as hell now :)

big areolas are the best (id love to see yours)

I would love to see them

Nothing sexier than huge areola. Have fun with them!

my huge **** is so hard, picturing them, want to see those pics, b cup is perfect, and large aerolas, are far superior, like a big ****, there's more to lick, suck, and look at

oh I would love to see

Swxc, I'd love to see.

Small breasts are sexy and huge areola are evev sexier

Nothing wrong with a B-cup. You sound perfect to me.

Love this story please add me as your friend

Would certainly love to see them.

So sexy !!! I would love to see them

Sounds like the kind I Like would love to see them

They sound wonderful. Glad you found your confidence. Please add me if you wish. Tks.