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Big Big Areolas

i am so self conscious of my huge areolas and nipples. I can never show my breasts to boyfriends because I am in sheer terror of what they might think.  I have 32C breasts and about 2.5 - 3 inch wide areola.   I like the fact that they are extremely sensitive to touch - I dont want to lose that.   I just wish it were more the norm?   Out of all my gf mine are the biggest (still after they have had kids and me none, so I shudder to think how horrendous I am going to be if that ever happens)/

miagirl912 miagirl912 36-40, F 82 Responses Feb 8, 2010

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Do you have a photo of them can I see

If a man doesn't like them then that is his problem not yours my dear. There are men and women out there that love large areolas such as myself. I think that the nipple is soooooooo sexy and I love large nipples and areolas. When I see a womans breasts and she doesn't have large nipples/areolas I must admit that I am disappointed. So just know that there are a bunch of us out there who would love and appreciate your large areolas ... we just have to find each other !

I have large areolas and because of this have always been self co viols and seeing this post has helped me as well thank u for saying something and thank all u men who are saying they are sexy so many men I have known say they are gross or u have salami nipples or pepperoni areolas; and this post changed my heart a little I hope one day I can look in the mirror and love my areolas as much as these men love them; I just hope u can do the same <3

Don't listen to pornheads.

Most like what we saw when we were new.
Few saw many. Many saw few.

Those men who said your large areolas are gross are the gross. they are not only attractive, they add to the beauty of the breast and the feminine look, they are a turn on too.

omg honey, any boyfriend would love ur breasts. I got excited just hearing you describe them. mmmmmmmmmmm ur beautiful baby

Large areolas are amazing. First of all, that makes you special, you have what most do not. Secondly, seeing dark areolas showing passed your bra is a turn on. Personally, my mouth begins to water when I see girls like that, which are very rare. So you should feel very special. xoxo

We would all like to see a photo

<p>Are your gf's your girl friends or your girl haters? Have they been making negative comments? They must be jealous. </p><p>Post a pic anonymously of your beauties from your email account you made 5 minutes ago with fake personal info on a site with non-biased opinions.</p><p>Guys are better judges of what makes a woman hot. Especailly when it comes to boobs.</p>

I love large dark areolae - so beautiful, so desirable, so sexy.

So hot

I agree with all the positive advice already given to you.

It's a shame you feel that way about your body, I hope you learn to love your body soon and start having fun with it. As others have said not everybody is the same and i'm sure a lot of people would love to have nipples like yourself.

Let me say, I would hope that you understand that there are many of us that would find you very sexy and prefer your breasts the way that they proud of them and continue to enjoy them.....I bet the are outstanding!

Horrendous??? "Even better" would be a much more fitting description!

This thread, and entire topic, has really made me feel less self conscious. Thank you to everyone that shared and commented.

Rosey, I\'m glad other people\'s experiences have helped you. I\'d like to see and taste your big areolas. May I add you to my circle, please?

I love big areolas and nipples! You are actually blessed. Most guys love them.

Just curious but can you answer as to why most guys and women love them. I'm not being rude or disrespectful but I truly would like to know. I ask guys and I get a deer in the headlights look (at my boobs) or I get a huge laugh but NEVER got straight answer..ANYONE PLEASE ANSWER that would be great!!

Here's the thing (for me). Breasts in general are really sexy. Soft, warm, feel good to touch and even more to suck. My first gf had nipples like thimbles, with areolas the size of quarters. Nice HOWEVER, it wasn't until I'd dated a bit when I met a girl with large areolas, roughly 4" on a D cup. Honestly, I thought my jeans would rip the first time I saw her boobs. To get to your answer, it was as if the part that I got to suck on could never completely fit in my mouth, that no matter how much I licked and swabbed with my tongue, the most nerve-filled and sensitive part of her **** would be getting satisfied. Maybe in a primal sense, it was satisfying some part of my brain that enjoyed being fed at my mother's breast, and having her nipples fill my mouth? I don't know. What I do know, is that later, during college, I'd been out with a gal-pal whose C-cup cleavage was the target of my gaze through much of our time hanging out at a local outdoor pub. As we made our way back to our respective homes, we stopped at an outdoor gazebo to chat. As my mind was a bit lubricated, I felt at ease saying, "I've been staring down your top all afternoon... any chance I could get a good look at what you have there?" Her response is burned in my memory: "Well, my boobs aren't that big, but (as she pulled her top down) I have REALLY BIG nipples (meaning her areolas). Indeed, they were at least 4.5" across, covering nearly her entire breast. I nearly fainted as the blood rushed to my ****. Yes, she came back to my place, and I couldn't stop pleasing her, sucking on those beautiful ****. Later, I found out something even sexier about her. She was sure she had big nipples because evidently the topic came up in her dorm, and she'd won a "big nipple" contest, where the girls of the dorm compared their ****. God, if I could have been a fly on the wall for THAT!!! Later, after college, I lived next to a woman who was fairly plain, but had very obvious DD-cup boobs. I'd never thought of hooking up with her, as neighbor relations could get messy, right? Well early one July morning, I was sitting on the front porch reading the paper, having my coffee in a T-shirt, and the red satin boxers I'd slept in. My neighbor, Lisa stepped out to her driveway, similarly attired, though the A-shirt she was wearing had been in use, and washed a LOT more than mine, and as a consequence, was nearly see-through. Being a guy, who likes to look at boobs, I stepped off the porch to wish her a good morning, and make conversation. Now keep in mind, only a thin layer of satin was restraining my manhood, and as I drew near, her breasts were completely available to view through the wispy gauze of her A-shirt, not to mention the deep, meaty cleavage that bubbled up from the V of that shirt. As it did with my college friend, I felt my knees get weak and my blood flow diverted south as I could clearly make out the diameter and color of her enormous, rosey, 5" areolas. Over the course of the next 5-10 minutes, a game played itself out... she stared at the growing bulge in my satin boxers, as my snake dove first south to the edge of the end of the fabric, then proceeded to tent north. My gave never left her ****: I watched as she became obviously aroused by the sight; her areolas puckered, her montgomery glands... the little bumps some women have on their areolas... stiffened, and to my delight, the soft, hidden nipples that previously blended in to the reddish disk of her areolas, popped out at least 3/4 of an inch, the size of thimbles, like my first gf, but this time surrounded by a delicious wrinklely stiff disk, about 3" across, having puckered up in her anticipation from gazing at the thick, veined profile of my helmeted soldier. I won't tell you how that story ends, you can use your imagination. To put one last point on the big areola answer... I had a platonic gal-pal during the same time as my encounter with Lisa. We were having a non-romantic discussion of past encounters, and I told her the story about Lisa, and how much I absolutely adored big areolas, how (as far as I was concerned) there were few features of a woman I thought were sexier. She blushed and squirmed in her seat a bit as I described what it was like to know Lisa was staring at my throbbing ****, knowing I could clearly see her big, womanly areolas and stiffening nipples. Months later, we hooked up, starting first with just kissing then progressing as things do, to her and my tops coming off. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw her breasts: big 34C (almost a D), with huge PUFFY areolas like a *** on top of her ****. Think of the way an egg yolk looks on an egg. As I sucked those beautiful breasts, she scooped her hand under each, and shoved my face closer, saying "suck harder... suck really really hard, please..." her areolas were nearly down my throat, and she still wanted more. I nearly came in my pants. When she subsequntly took me in her mouth, the explosion spilled from her lips and cascaded all over those huge, pink areolas. I've seen few things as sexy. So to answer your question, any size areola is nice. Bigger, to me, is far more sexy as it just looks more womanly. There are a number of **** sites that focus only on this one trait, google good old fashioned pancakes tumblr or busty asian areolas for instance. Some guys like the little dimes and nickles. For me? give me the SAUCERS!! Yum!

There is nothing wrong at all with having 32C breasts and about 2.5 - 3 inch wide areolas. You shouldn't be embarrassed about them. It's your uniqueness that makes them special. If anything, you should be proud of them. There are men out there, just like me, who loves and appreciate such a display of loveliness. It would be nice if we could add each other and talk.

On the note of having kids, they would not be horrendous from being swollen due to pregnancy. They will be just as beautiful, if not even more so.

Miagirl ! Pls know any one can the same or have more normal looking any thing ! But it is verry boring! I'm sure your perfect ! We never see our self as others see us ! Find that smile and get your close off and feel great !!

big areolas are the best areolas. especially nice pink or peach colored ones

Some people love large areolas (me)...don't worry about it, we all have our characteristics that are unattractive to one group of people, and extremely sexy to may even find that guy who thinks your areolas are your sexiest characteristic!

I adore women withh large areolas they are soft and the fleash is tender and very suclable I like to see how much I can suck into my mouth ad using my tongue to stroke them aginst the roof of my mouth. I God for large areolas and the Women who like to have them sucked licked and LOVED

You are so wrong, big areolas are so hot, I love them and I love have them in my mouth,I just really love breast period,with big areolas or small or pink pale color,they are all yummy to my mouth.

I think large areolas are beautiful, you should be proud of them, not all women have them, they are unique and not common.

I find large areolas the most attractive characteristic of a female. It would be a pleasant surprise to me if a woman removes her top to reveal large areolas. sexy. Don't be self conscious, just hope you run into a guy like myself who will find them attractive!

I love large aereolas. It is such a turn on to see nice big ones, especially if you have big nipples too.

Your looking at them the wrong way, you havent been burdend by them they are a gift which you should never be ashamed of.

please ad me
i like to see them please post the pcitures of it

They're not horrendous at all..... be proud of them. Most men find them a real turn-on. Believe me!

a 3inch areola on a c cup and above is normal and a turn on for many guys. U should be worried only if u're an a or b cup with big areolas. i personally love big areolas on big breasts as the areolas tissue is soft to lick and is a turn on 4 me ! What u should be worried about is your looks. If u're cute and u have a C to D cups with big areolas, i'd definitely date u !!!

I have always fantasized about huge areolas and nipples but I have never had a girl with either. I have always appreciated every aspect of my past girlfriends despite that but I will continue to keep my fingers crossed !

I'd love to see them...I bet they are perfect!