I Like Oracles

I have found that truth is the best oracle.

What is my meaning in life?
To feel the gift of sharing

Why am I here?
Using the third eye to create

Is this a new world?
Always knowing when to stop

So a better world?
intuitive appeal to positive neutrality,

So not a better world but the same old world?
This road leads to the ultimate perfection,

What will I be in the old world?
Castled sky, emergence bright.

Some type of Castle owner?
And to become as the lamb of your own discipline

A leader then?
Autumn rains the reminder

How will I become a leader?
The love that emanates purity

From my ideas already then?
Life forever

Spiritual ideas?
Levitated, home, and finally freed.

So be forever now, and work on my ideas?

What idea is it?
Physical freedom as spiritual ability

And that is magic to make others like you, right?
Great concentration of weightlessness

Meeting my soulmate will help?
Infinite potential of our moment

So I will be physically free and spiritually able in my future?
Full of the giving that never ends


So I ll be so rich Ill be generous as I already am generous?
For Love I came to Earth,


So I came to Earth to be very successful?
For the profit of the spirit

So I'll make a lot more money?
One blaim of one cause

What's the cause?
Yet angels of the high top

What about the angels?
Expressed to be.

So magic?
As you and for you

So do magic as myself expressed?
For peace and for balance, as the middle between,

So me as the middle between?
Higher elevation for the endless end

This is high magic?
Elevated the liberty of my necessity

I'm too sober for this?
The universal awareness of the conscious observer.

PureGoodSoul PureGoodSoul
26-30, M
Sep 8, 2012