Oral Sex All the Time, Every Day, Multiple Times!

I was married over 20 years and never had oral sex.  Sex was boring.  After the divorce I met a woman who loved oral sex.  We did oral sex more than regular sex and I get hard just thinking about it.  I just ran out of juice and could not come so many times a day but I miss it now I tell you.  When she sucked on my rod is was really a rush, her head would move up and down and her sucking and tongue action drove me wild.  I could take just so much and when she knew I was about to ***, she started this intense sucking up and down and it was mind boggling when I finally filled her mouth with my hot *****.  I sure miss that and nothing sexual compares to it.  When I did her I gave her a real lick and suck job on her clitoris, I would move my tongue in and out and stimulate here with it and swallow all the juice she made but she spit my *** out on a towel.  She would scream in ecstacy.  We both loved oral sex and the rest can take a rest.  You must do it and do it often and you will love it.  I went back to being a TV and that is pretty cool too but not the subject of this entry. 

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Mar 19, 2009