My Favourite Nude Beaches

I like the nude beach because i like naked women, and I always have a good look at their t i t s and p u s s y. And because I get really turned on by women seeing me naked and looking at my d i c k. I worked as a male s t r i p p e r and would only work at a place that would allow me to s t r i p nude so that the women could see my d i c k, I didn't like doing g string shows.

My 2 favourite nude beaches that I have been to are Lady Bay in Sydney and Playa el Mago in Majorca.

Lady Bay, because, not only are there plenty of naked women, but everywhere you go, there are non nudists having a look. Boats sail past, ferrys on harbour cruises make a point of sailing past, full of people, especially if they are full of things like hens parties. And there are small cliffs at the rear of the narrow beach where the public have taken up every possible vantage point because they get a great birds eye view from above. An awesome beach for an exhibitionist.

Playa el Mago in Majorca, Spain, is a delightful little cove, with deep blue, crystal clear water. Almost every possible place on the beach fills up, and the Spanish and Europeans are not prudish, so there are always lots of naked women there. Its easy to find a space near groups of women. Last time I was there, I placed my towel at the feet of a group of 3 naked women, and next to another 2 naked women. When I was lying on my stomach and the woman directly behind me was sunbathing on her back, I had a great view between her legs at her p u s s y, only 2 metres from my face. So when there was a naked woman or women walking past I would look at them, and when there wasn't I had a great eyeful of the naked women around me. And whenever I felt the urge I would go for a swim, in the knowledge that there were so many women looking at my d i c k on the way to and from the water. And the water was so crystal clear that women could still look at my d i c k when I was in the water and I could look at their t i t s and p u s s y. After a couple of hours there, a hot woman put her towel next to me, while her man put his the other side of me. So I had 1 naked woman to my left, 2 naked women directly on my right, and 3 naked women directly behind my head. By the end of the day they all knew what my d i c k looked like, and I certainly knew what their t i t s and p u s s y. There are also quite a few boats moored in the cove, full of naked men and women, so that made a lot of women to look at me naked, and for me to look at naked.

So they are the two best beaches I have visited, to be an exhibitionist. Where is the best nude beach you have found purely to look and be looked at????
uppercut uppercut
31-35, M
Dec 10, 2012