At Our Gigs The Guys Do Like To Try Their Luck!

As I have mentioned, at most of our gigs the image we project to live the name we have 'LaHuitreTare' really is of a pervert oyster! I sit on a stool and play acoustic guitar, accompanying our singer Hippolyte, as a backing vocalist, totally naked, or mostly naked, only getting up when we play our song for our name 'La Huitre Tare'.

We have a growing following in Toulouse, still very much in the alternative lifestyle groups/realms, including several guys who look like groupies already! My being naked adds to the interest, as I never dress or cover up between sets or after we have finished, and the guys like what they see! Among them is a guy who has become a friend, Jean-Michel Papin, always keen to check me out.

We are talking about forming a fan base appreciations club with special perks.
LaHuitreTare LaHuitreTare
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4 Responses Mar 28, 2012

Can you add me? I would love to check you out :)

add me plz

i am in your fan club, please

Sounds fantastic!