Road Trip

My girl friend and I were on our way to see her aunt and uncle who lives 5 hours away.We had got quite turned on on the way there and because of sleeping arrangment could not get together that night.On our way back we were both very turned on.She was wet and my penis would not stay down or in my gym shorts.It was almost dark when we came upon a rest area that wasn't too crowded and pulled in.We both went to the restrooms and back to the car where we decided we could not wait till we got home.I drove us around to the other side of the rest area where there were some park benches and picnic tables just out of view of the main traffic.With people in the distance we were getting naked and having some wild sex.A trucker in a idling near by truck got out and saw us.He just watched for a second and went in.After about 20 mins of sex she spotted the state police comming off the interstate so we grabbed our scattered clothes and ran naked to the car and left.It was fun driving the rest of the 4 hours in the nude and not knowing just how many people saw us.
ditchdigger319 ditchdigger319
Dec 12, 2010