Made Me Wonder

Years ago when I was dating we went hiking in Yosemite. After an hour or so my bladder needed relief so I stepped off the trail pulled my **** out, dropped it and peed. When I was done I shook it and put it away. My date who had been watching said something to the effect of, "Yech, there's no where here for you to wash your hands and I forgot the Purell. You're not touching me till you can wash."
I thought that was pretty extreme since I didn't pee on my hands, but we were there for a hike so I let it go.

Another hour or so into it and our trail conversation surprisingly turned to sex. Since it was a single track trail and I was behind her I started telling her how great she looked from behind, and why didn't she just hike naked, and how her *** looked great.
She started telling me the things she would like me to do to her and we were both getting pretty worked up. The hike was pretty steep and remote so the conversation was great to keep our minds off how hard it was. She dared me to hike naked so I stopped, took of my day pack, ******** naked and put my clothes in the daypack and put it back on.

We had only been on one other date and all we did was kiss, and when I took her dare she was flabbergasted. She kept looking over her shoulder trying to see my **** swaying as we hiked. I kept watching her *** and getting hard.
Feeling bold I said, "Now I dare you to turn around, take off your shirt and bra and put them in the daypack, then blow me."
She stopped dead in her tracks, said nothing, didn't move a muscle and I thought "****! I went to far!"
Finally she said "Okay!" turned around pulled her shirt over her head and stuffed it in the daypack. Standing there in only her white sport bra, she turned away from me as she removed it. When she turned back around her breasts were covered by her left arm and hand as she used her right to put her bra in the daypack.
We looked at eachother for quite a while, until she dropped her arm and stood topless looking at me, as I stood hard as a rock looking at her.
Her breasts were perfect, I would guess about a 34C, and stood up so proudly I couldn't understand why she wore a bra. I don't know if it was the breeze, or the mood, or what but I was watching her nipples harden and deepen in color.
She took a step forward, dropped to her knees and licked my **** with the tip of her tongue a few times around the opening. It twitched when she did, and I am surprised I didn't loose it right there.

I don't think I mentioned that she was very cute in a serious and collegiate way, She was always all business and gave off no sexual vibes at all. Still she was smart, personable, cute, and had agreed to go out with me. Not only once, but a second time. Since the first date had ended with a terse kiss, my only expectations were to go on a hike withe someone I enjoyed being with. When the hiking conversation turned to sex I was surprised but I still didn't think that much of it because the outdoors has always stimulated me, and I have a way of turning conversations about standard topics into something sexual.

So there I was, naked, hard as the granite we were hiking on, and the head of my **** was getting licked by a pretty girl. Then she grabbed it with her left hand and swallowed me whole. I am the first to admit that I am not huge, why lie about such an easily verifiable thing? Six or seven inches is my guess but I don't care, it is what it is and stressing over it is pointless. Even so, I don't think I could put something that big into my mouth without gagging, but she did.

Fresh air, hiking naked, topless woman blowing me, life is good. Now I was beginning to wonder what I should do, do I figure she can tell when I am about to *** and just let fly, or tell her? Time was running out for decisions so I moaned "Oh god, I'm *******."
She continued sucking me till my **** pulsed once, shooting a rope down her throat. She pulled her head back, and kept stroking me and I kept *******. I shot a rope on her nose that dangled down to her chin, I shot a rope on her neck and another on each ***. She was pumping my **** and directing where each milky rope of *** went. Finally I stopped shooting and started dribbling, and began to regain my breath and wits.

Wow, she was gorgeous covered in *** and I told her so. Her response was "Fine, I'll stay this way. Are you going to stand there glassy eyed all day, or are we hiking?"

With that she turned and resumed our hike with me following closely behind. We had some more adventures that weekend which may be the substance of another story, but here is what really struck me as weird. I touched my **** when I peed and she got grossed out that I couldn't disinfect my hands. An hour or more later she is on her knees sucking the same ****, with an hours more sweat on it, and loving every bit of it. Oh well who said the world had to make sense? All I know is we had a great weekend and it was fun while it lasted.
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WoW! I wish I had been hiding in the bushes nearby I sure would have been shooting my load as well Thanks for a great story