Not Exactly Outdoors, But Close Enough ;)

My boyfriend and I are VERY sexually active. About two months ago we decided to go over to his neighbors house to go fishing. His neighbor has a huge shed by their lake that we go fishing at. That night his neighbor wasn't home so we were all alone. We attempted fishing but we were both so turned on that only lasted about five minutes. I put my hand down his pants to touch his huge ****. He had such a huge hard-on he couldn't even walk right with his pants on. We went inside the shed and I took off his pants and started sucking his huge ****. I was so wet by that time as soon as he started fingering me I squirted all over his hand. Before I even had time to think, he turned me around, bent me over, and shoved his **** in my extremely wet *****. It only took five minutes until he pulled out and cummed all in my mouth. He had never tasted so sweet.

*** We have tried many positions and places to have *** and we are running out.. Please comment any ideas so I can try them and share with you how they went.. Please and thank you! ;)

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1 Response May 20, 2012

Read my "Fun with E" series for some ideas!