Always Feels Good.

That is the main reason for why I am considered weird...I don't care though.I guess it is because I am a sadist and masochist,I always enjoyed causing pain onto myself and others. when I was younger I had cuts all up both of my arms from cutting myself and would sit there stabbing myself and did other things that are considered painful....I wasn't in pain at all.I have 1 tattoo on my neck and people asked how badly did that hurt/did it hurt?I said it didn't hurt it actually felt pretty good.Same goes for my nose and belly piercing.When my nose piercing closed up on top...I took a safety pin and stuck it in my nostril and took a pic and even waked around like that and my mom said you are INSANE!!!Is there something wrong with me for liking pain,I feel like a weirdo/freak.I don't tell very many people about this.In my opinion you don't have to tell the whole world everything.I really don't give a **** what anyone thinks...I think this makes me unique and special,not alot of people I know love pain let alone like it lol.
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

pain is just a feeling that ur brain tells u to can block it out and make it into pleasure.

pain is severely underrated. It gives you such a good feeling, and there's endless ways to achieve it :)