I Like Painting And Sketching

I almost threw out a big sheet of thick white paper the other day and then realized it could be put to good use...for a mural. Whenever the grandkids drop by for a visit I always set out paper and paints. But what subject, I thought? How about an animal...a tiger. In the local newspaper I found it. A photo of a tiger. Poor thing had lived in the zoo for many years and recently died. He was the perfect subject for a lovely painting.

The girls, 5 and 3 years, eagerly took up brushes and soon were choosing colors while I cut out pictures of flowers from old calendars to collage around the handsome cat. A fitting tribute to our tiger and also a celebration of The Year of the Tiger in the Chinese tradition.

Upon their return, their parents were surprised and impressed.

l like painting and sketching and I also like to pass it on to the next generation.     

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

its really a lot of things. yu get to have the finihed product sure but doing it makes you feel good (does gomer pyle say that well) when you trying your best and it works. im afraid that one day i will knock over all of my paints and then i will get real heck from some old grouch.<br />
curtain climbers i like that.<br />
and for my next trick.<br />
didja ever finish that t shirt for whats hisname polly?<br />
you are such a kind child.<br />
but i agree with mymanruss it is quite wonderful of you.

Aww, that is so nice; so inspiring. Nice to see grandparent's do creative things with the curtain climbers instead of television etc. It also gives the kids an appreciation for art and animals.