Wearing Panties

today I purchased panties and other womens clothing but I just love the feel of panties and am wearing them now.  I have three pair and want to get more. It is hard to shop for panties but I just have to be discreet and act natural when I go to the cashier and pay for them.   My girlfriend supports me in my new fetish and will allow me to raid her panty draw and closet and will dress me up for incredible sex.

Any advice on how to shop?
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4 Responses Jul 25, 2010

i like to be forced to buy panties-i"m made to go into the store and to tell the salesgirl that i'm being made to buy them and that if i don't, i will be severely punished with a public spanking-and made to wear only the panties out of the store-then, i'm forced to try them on in front of the salesgirl-that's when she sees that i have a ****! (i'm forced to wear a prosthetic **** that makes me pee and *** like a woman)

I always love shopping for new panties. And the sales girls are so helpful.

Well, on line is easy, but in the store is more fun. It is exceedingly rare that anyone will give you any type of difficulty when shopping. They are in the business of selling clothes, after all.<br />
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Shop on! But, be warned, it can be a bit addictivie. Women's clothing is so much more fun, especially panties!

Wear them every day.