I Wear My Stepmom's Panties

I like wearing panties so much, I go into my stepmom's panty drawer and I steal some panties and wear them for a few hours and put them back. I've stolen panties from my cousin and friends. I wear them all the time. It feels great!

comradevlad comradevlad 13-15 4 Responses Jul 5, 2009

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hi dear well I guess you have your own panties now I hope so

Thats the best!!! *** in moms panties and put back in her drawer. she'll go crazy till she finds out who is sticking up her panties. maybe she'll make u wear them as punishment. My mom did.

Im 14 and i wear my step mums panties, i like to lick them and sometimes *** on them. I get realy horny. :D

your just starting....wait till you go buy your own panties in the women's lingerie department !!