I Love Christmas Parties - So Much Opportunity To Explore

Last night I attended a co-workers (Terri) Christmas party. She is a 35 year old MILF with long shapely legs and an amazing ***. I work closely with her and on day's that she wears jeans I often get a peak at her panties as the ride up above her pants. I have fantasized about her for years so last night I decided to see if I could get get to know her a little more.

Once the party was in full swing, Terri and her family were busy taking care of everything. I studied everyone's movements and when nobody was looking I rushed upstairs. The master bedroom was at the end of the hall and I quickly made my way there.

My first action was to look for a dirty cloths hamper. I found one in the master bath, but it was empty...damn. I then went into their closet in the hopes that she had some used panties on the floor.....nope. I was not having much luck. I finally headed for her dresser. While I would have preferred to have freshly worn panties, any panties are better than none. I opened the drawer and bingo - lots and lots of panties:

She had an amazing assortment with mostly thongs. Good to know.  I quickly rifled through them and decided to pick just one to have as my own.  I picked the little pink thong set in the upper left portion of the photo.  I stuffed them in my pocked and headed back down. 

When I was at the top of the stairs and on my way down, I was horrified to see that Terri was coming up the stairs.  She said "did you find it"?  My first thought was that she had a camera or something up there.  The she went on - "the bathroom...did you find the bathroom?"  Safe!! 

meg52723 meg52723
46-50, M
Dec 14, 2012