When I First Heard Of Paramore Vs. When I First Fell In Love With Paramore

The first time I heard of Paramore I was in high school. I think it was around 07' or 08' when I first heard of them. Around the time Riot! was released. A friend of mine showed me the music video to That's What You Get, and I wasn't really impressed. Course in high school I was mostly listening to 90's alternative rock. It's funny because a lot of the music I like now was quite popular when I was in high school.

So fast forward to 2009 and I'm at a party at a friend of mine's and unbeknownst to me Paramore is playing. It was their first record All We Know Is Falling. And I'm sure there are some here who can attest to the heavier sound that their first record had to the more poppy and commercial sound of Riot! I think the song that got me hooked was Emergency.

2009 I'd say was a great year to get into Paramore, as it was the same year that Brand New Eyes was released. I eventually bought a copy of Riot! in fact it was the first CD of theirs that I got. I asked my brother for it for Christmas. Got a gift card to Schuler's Book Store where they had a copy of All We Know Is Falling so naturally I went over I think the day after Christmas and bought All We Know Is Falling.

If I had to rank my favorite albums of theirs from most liked to least liked, it would be as follows: 1) All We Know Is Falling 2) Brand New Eyes 3) Riot!

To conclude I'm super stoked for their new album due out April 2013.
jdawg96 jdawg96
22-25, M
Dec 14, 2012