Parrots and parakeets have always fascinated me. With alot of patience, You can train them some tricks and teach them to talk. My last parakeet was a lil' diva, with her own personality. Sometimes she wanted to do her own thing. She had a ball with a bell in it and she would WHIP that toy around violently! I would trick her into coming out of her cage and leave  her cage in the other room. Alot of times, she'd fly back in her cage! she'd tug and pull at material, like she was making a nest.She did a noise that sounded like a phone ringing and imitated my Mom's cough. I taught her how to make the "raspberry" noise. That's where my screen name came from!

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I had a cockatoo once and I did not like at all being awakened at 4am with a glimmer of sun....

my sister's parakeet does this too.EVERY morning..."bleeeepppp bleeeepppp" alarm clock birdie!!!!!

I love parrots and parakeets also. I have a few at home and have hand raised them. They make beautiful pets and if you spend time with them, you can train them to sing etc :)

my sister's older parakeet is amazing and hilarious!

LOVE this story, Darling! It's cute as it can be! :-D

TY honey! I thought it was agood post. I have videos of her on You Tube!

I've watched some of them, but need to watch them, again. Didn't realize until lately that you had both a boy and girl parakeet, Sweetheart....grins