My Parrot Sprite Is Only 5months Old

M y profile photo is of my parrot. I've had 4 parrots throughout the years, My husband bought me this beautiful yellow redneck parrot a month ago. We named him "Sprite" He is only 5months old and is not really used to us. I've been training him with a white sock on my hand and now the only way he will come to me is if I have the white sock on my hand. I only used it because he was pecking at me when I started training him. He will sit on my shoulder and he loves to sit in my head. But I'm trying to get him trained without the sock. He eats sunflower seeds with my kids. He loves pasta, and mixed veggies. I can't wait until he starts talking. He does something very stupid when my kids come home. He sticks his head between the cage and it looks like he is going to choke himself. This means he wants to get out, so we open his cage up. I wish he wouldnt do it though. He gets a lot of love and attention. He's a spoiled Bird

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1 Response Nov 23, 2008

So cute- I wouldn't let him rest on your head- it's a sign of dominance- my bird used to try to do that and I'd pull her off right away and say no, now she doesn't do it anymore.<BR><BR>Also I'd be careful about seeds- the salt is bad for them and seeds are fattening anyways- natural pellets are better diets for them than seeds and seed mixes from stores. My bird eats rowdybush and fruits and veggies everday :) Millet spray is also a good treat 1-2 times a week.