He woke up cranky and that's an understatement ! He didn't want to be uncovered and yelled at me to put it back.It's like having an obnoxious 3 year old for life! He is always bossing me and i just don't know what i ever did without him....He is mamas boy!
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lol well don't they need like 12-14 hours of sleep?

That hurts alot mind you !!!

uh oh what happened I want to know!!!! Tell me Tell me

Ok you know what happen the last time you ticked him off.. LOL

lmao no wait roflmao


Man he has been awefull , i told him he was going to be bird on a stick for turkey day! MAAAAAAAAA shut up is his response!OOOOOH

I wish! He's got a tude!

Snooze button! Snooze button! Snooze button!

Good grief he's never crabby ! I can't even talk to him.